I have been involved in gymnastics since 1991. My daughter started taking gymnastics lessons at the age of three and competed until she graduated high school. In 2002, her gymnastics club, Erie Gymnastics Center, decided to host a competitive gymnastics meet, the Stars & Stripes Invitational. My job as a parent was to run the scoring and we did it using two borrowed laptops. Over the years, the meet grew and so did the sophistication of the system I used. After my daughter graduated, I continued to run the scoring for the Stars & Stripes Invitational and several years ago, I began scoring meets for other gyms as well.  I constantly 'fine tune' my system and have evolved to the point where at some meets the winners are ready to announce before the parents are in place to hear them! During the meet, the gymnast's scores are entered right at the judges tables and are then transmitted to the head table and are displayed on electronic scoreboards. I realize each club has their own way of doing things and I am very flexible in working with club owners and coaches to give them the results they want with the accuracy and speed they deserve.

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